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Take your motion pictures to another level using drone features.


A drone will not only give a wow factor to your commercial, sportscast or movie but will also put your company or event literally in a better picture.


Is your roof,  solar panel, crane or wind mill ready for inspection but are you afraid of hights? Let a drone be your eyes and save yourself time and money.


Want to give that extra spark to your memories or wedding pictures?

Willing to impress your competitors in real estate or landscaping with amazing shots?

An Antwerp drone Pilot will take care of that.

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Your eye

in the sky

Don't stand still, take the flight forward
and innovate your company by introducing drones!

A drone or RPAS (Remotely Piloted Aircraft System) can’t be ignored in our modern society. 


A RPAS helps us to explore places that are difficult to reach or where we are at high-risk.


With such a drone we can’t only take magnificent air views, but also execute a variety of inspections. Your roof, crops, solar panels, building site or industrial park doesn’t hold any secrets anymore. 


Antwerp Drone Pilots is a Belgian drone company with licensed class 1 pilots and is eager to assist you in your project. We are going in the air for you!


A drone can’t only get to hard accessible places, it will save you working hours and therefore a lot of money.

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